Talks / Conferences

”’Staying Focused with Ambassador Morgenthau’,  Plowing Seeds of Hatred,”  Columbia University -Alliance For Historical Dialogue and Accountability -, Local Memory, Global Ethics, Justice: The Politics of Historical Dialogue in Contemporary Society, December 11-14, 2012.

“Modern Turkey and the Armenian Genocide: Unraveling the Burden of Memory,” Sabanci University FASS Cultural Studies Speaker Series, Istanbul, Turkey, 02/2011 (Invited Talk)

“Hafızanın ağırlığı: Bir tarihyazımı ve siyaset sorunu olarak Batı’nın anılarında Ermeni katliamları,” (The Burden of Memory: Armenian Massacres in the Memories of the West;  a Problem of Historiography and Politics),  Tarih Vakfi Ankara Tartismalari, 2010-2011, Ankara, Turkey, 11/2010 (Invited Talk)

“The Burden of Memory for Le Turquie Kemaliste:  Making a Nation under the Shadow of the Western Memories of the Armenian massacres of 1915,” Bilkent University, Department of History, Ankara, Turkey, 11/2010 (Invited Talk)

“Social Diffusion of Turkish Denial: A Textual Overview of Turkish School Textbooks 1930-2000,” MESA 2009 Annual Meeting, Boston, MA, 11/2009

“Remembrance and Reconciliation: Themes in Armenian and Turkish Literature,” MESA 2009 Annual Meeting, Boston, MA, 11/2009 (Invited as Discussant)

”The Myth of Murderous Armenians: Ataturk and the Armenian Issue,” 14th Annual World Convention of the Association for the Study of Nationalities: Imagined Communities, Real Conflicts, and National Identities, Columbia University, New York, NY, 4/2009

“Why can’t the Turks let Sabiha Gokcen be an Armenian? The Destruction of Ottoman Armenians and the Making of Modern Turkey” Public Memory and Ethnicity: An International Interdisciplinary Conference, Lewis and Clark College, Portland, OR 10/2007

“Re-thinking Operation Iraqi Freedom: Where Are the Bodies?” Crossing Borders: Citizenship, Social Justice, and the Crossroads of Culture, 2nd Annual Graduate Student Conference of Ethnic Studies in California, San Diego, CA, 3/2004.

“Re-thinking Operation Iraqi Freedom: Where Are the Bodies?” presented at The Right to Die: War, Race & Violence UCSD Graduate Student Panel, Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity, San Diego, CA 1/2004 (Invited Talk)

”Human Rights and Pragmatism,” Communication in Borderlands: 2003 Annual Conference of the International Communication Association, San Diego, CA 5/2003