Student Comments

Evaluation of Teaching at the University of California San Diego

Evaluation as an Adjunct Professor:

At UCSD, courses taught during the summer session are evaluated by the CAPE, an entirely student run organization (Course and Professor Evaluations). Courses taught during the regular academic year are evaluated by the Department of Communication.

Anonymous Student Narratives (Complete Evaluation folders can be provided upon request):

-Wonderful! I’ve hated my major until I came across Fatma. Intriguing, keen and smart. Asks excellent questions.  Best comm class ever, never took a class with a more important topic . Love it!

-Very fair, extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the issues. Also enjoyed hearing about her background, Very inspiring.

-Fatma is a very nice person and a very smart instructor. I think Fatma has impacted me intellectually.

-Very informed and proficient command of material. Speedy (sic) captures your attention.

-She is a great teacher who takes an active interest in the student learning.

-Displays great proficiency in subject-matter while sheltering her own bias and questioning the theoretical matter. Discussion questions generated by students are a very good idea.

-Fatma is obviously engaged with material and passionate about it. I thouroughly enjoyed the experience.

-Fatma is an excellent teacher. She shows a genuine concern for her students learning and is always available to answer question inside out of class (sic) to make sure we understand.

-She is passionate about the class and it shows in her lecture.

-Addresses provocative takes or issues and truly makes student think beyond the norm.

-Very knowledgeable passionate about the subject. Well prepared for class, good use of media. Fast lecturer but concerned w/ students’ learning.

-Fatma is well organized and knows what she is lecturing on. Very friendly and great lecturer. Helpful and always cares about her students progress.

-Very clear , and explains in depth about the course very well. I enjoy her lecture and material since she uses a variety of sources such as films and books.

-I very much enjoy having Fatma as a professor. She gives us appropriate questions and proposes interesting discussion topics. She uses class time well and is understanding and approachable.

-Very understanding and reasonable – makes matters and studying humanly possible.

-Fatma is an extremely educated and intelligent person. She challenges students to be evermore critical in their coursework. Her quizzes are very representative of the reading and she explains everything clearly.

-Fatma is friendly and always prepared for class lectures.

-The instructor for this class is great. She always helps when questions are asked. She is very knowledgeable about the course subject and everything relevant to it. She always goes over the reading and helps me understand what I did not.  The exams, quizzes and papers are relevant to everything we learn in class and helps to better understand the material.

-She was very helpful with students learning and used very interesting films to accompany lectures. I would highly recommend her.  I really enjoyed the course. It was very interesting and I always looked forward to coming.

-The professor has a passion for what she is teaching and it shows. The lectures definitely facilitate note-taking and likes to make sure we all understand the course-material.

-She has a thorough understanding of the course and she truly seems to care about the subject. She also asks appropriate questions which start helpful conversations. [Papers] are challenging enough to spark new ideas and allow the student to truly think about it.

-Fatma is a very considerate professor and one of my favorite teachers. She is concerned with each students progress and her lectures are clear and concise.

-She is very understanding and respectful towards her students. Treats us as equals. 3 quizzes very representative of the teaching. Papers , well-detailed prompt, no confusions.

-The instructor knows what she is talking about and the quizzes forced me to learn.

-I loved her. Very caring of her students and very understanding of our needs. Made sure we are understanding the material and went out of her way to ensure it. Always very vibrant which made class a joy. Exams and papers very fair. Reflective of the course material and extremely helpful in keeping us up-to-date with the readings.

-I thought it was a great deal of fun having this instructor. She made the course interesting and spent a great deal of time showing movies which helped illuminate the material. Fatma also seemed to have a lot at stake in the course, being American herself / Turkish she was she was strongly able to identify with the notion of Genocide , and thus bring a level of personality to the course which most teachers don’t represent. Quizzes and papers reflected your understanding of the course and I felt they were very instructive and also allowed a better understanding of the materials.

-The instructor has so much information that she wants to comment on, however she rushes through the power-point presentation.  Maybe if she was to post the PowerPoint so that we could print it out and take notes on it. She has so much knowledge that we want to benefit from, but it is difficult to take notes and take away as much as we’d like to. She is amazing!

-Instructor is well-versed, passionate and knowledgeable of subject.

-During summer quarter, I attended her office hours on a regular basis, it helped greatly in absorbing / learning materials. Great teacher!

-I went to her office hours and she was very kind, receptive and helpful.

-She was very helpful and understanding. The topic of the course was interesting. The different readings were good. The instructor had a range of material that reinforce the information that didn’t make it repetitive and boring.

-Very personable and passionate about subject-matter.

-She is very nice and easy to approach. When you talk to her in OH you hold her full attention and can tell that she is truly engaging with you. She will always stop lecture to answer questions, but she does go through power points fast.

Evaluation as a Teaching Assistant:

At UCSD, the TA’s teaching performance is evaluated only for the courses with sections. So the following evaluations are compiled from the following courses: COGN 20, COCU 100, and COSF 100.

Anonymous Student Narratives on Fatma Ulgen as a TA:

COGN 20 (Fall 2001):

-In Fatma’s office hours she has helped me immensely w/ understanding the readings and lecture. If not for the TA I would be completely lost in the class.

-Discussions are always helpful and beneficial for me and my TA is always well prepared and keeps things busy in class.

-She is very helpful and thoroughly and clearly goes over what is important.

-Fatma is very helpful and nice. She explained materials a lot better than the prof.

-She is very caring about her students. Her commitment to helping us do well is very refreshing.

-She goes out of her way to prepare study materials for us.

-Fatma is very approachable and friendly.  She is there for help and is very knowledgeable. Totally totally recommend Fatma as a TA.

-Fatma is a wonderful TA. I enjoy going to section b/c she is able to pinpoint the major points.

-Fatma is sooo sweet. She is really knowledgeable about our course subjects and she is very patient. Extremely friendly, and always get a prompt response from her via e-mail, off. Hrs, etc.

-This TA is the sweetest person I’ve ever met. She is so helpful and concerned w/ each student’s progress. She is so willing to explain and makes things easy to understand/ She is so kind and makes herself easily available to all her students.

-Fatma will make a wonderful instructor. She has a great wealth of information and expresses a deep concern for her students to grasp course material.

COCU 100 (Winter 2003)

-She cares!

-Fatma is really helpful and explains the material in more understandable way. She also made a review sheet that really helped me on the midterm.

-Fatma is very intelligent and concerned with the progress of students.  Very exceptional.

-Fatma’s discussions are very well organized and she even brings props! I enjoy her discussions very much.

-She is extremely helpful and easily accessible. She gave me advice on the readings and cleared up any misconceptions I had regarding the material for the class.

-Extremely helpful. Always there for the students.

-She is always available to schedule appointments at different times. She is very interested in explaining how to do better on the exams. She always explains material in different ways with more than one example to better understand.

-She is a great TA. She explains everything clearly and she won’t move on to a new topic unless we totally understand what she is saying. She also gives great examples to help explain things.

-One of the better TAs I have had. Clearly interested in student progress.

-Very friendly and organized. She presents material in a way that is clear to understand. One of the first Communication TAs to grade fairly.

-Great TA! Very helpful in all areas. She really cares about the student.

COSF 100 (Fall 2003)

-I have used office hours and she really helped me by discussing the topic I was going to write about. Our discussion made me realize I need to be more focused. She is really good, very kind, and works well with the group she has to work with.

-Fatma is a very enthusiastic TA who is very concerned that her students understand topics, readings, etc. and always comes to section very prepared and energetic.

-She was very helpful in office hours and always went the extra mile in section to provide examples of events that took place in our readings.

-Fatma is really energetic and caring about our grades.

-So great! She is concerned with student’s progress.

-I really enjoyed her section. She helped me understand a lot more than I would have. I would not have done as well on the midterm without her.

-She covers the material well and prepares her students for the tests and papers.

-She is very helpful and always willing to answer our questions despite time crunches.

-Office hours are very helpful. Fatma is a very nice person and that influences her teaching in a positive way.

COCU 100 (Winter 2004)

-Office hours were helpful! This is the second time that I have had Fatma as a TA and she is excellent! She is very helpful in explaining the material.

-Well prepared and always enthusiastic.

-Fatma would receive higher marks if this class wasn’t utterly abysmal! She is limited by the horrible nature of this class. She was great for COGN 20.

-She is a great asset to the teaching here! She is really interested in the growth and development of students and she is eager and willing to take extra time as needed with any student. I’m impressed with her.

-Very energetic!

-She is great! She explains things clearly, tries to be available to the students, and offers great feedback.

COCU 100 (Winter 2005)

-Fatma is great. She is very caring and is good at breaking down the complicated and difficult material for the course.

-You quickly adapt to her Turkish accent. Highly intelligent in the subject matter. She keeps student’s attention.

-She is a really nice person and enthusiastic unlike the professor who is boring.


-Fatma is the best TA I’ve had so far. She is engaging and cares about us as her students. She explains the material very clearly and articulately.  She listens well to comments/questions and precisely addresses, with clarity, what is being asked.

-She is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the course material. She comes very prepared to section and for the most part, explains the material clearly.

-As a student, I was entirely happy and satisfied with the structure of our sections. Fatma encouraged group discussion and was interested in what we had to say. A great TA!

-Fatma is an excellent TA. She is very helpful and gives constructive feedback. She is always available for students.

-She is an interesting TA. She keeps lecture interesting and holds my attention somehow with this boring material.

-She is very helpful and responds to emails quickly.

-She really helped clarify the lectures.

COSF 100 (Winter 2005)

-She tries hard to make us learn the material.

-I really like her. She taught in an effective manner and cares that students understand and learn material.

-Fatma was a good TA to have. She was always available for students and helped me understand the material I did not have a broad background on. Explained the material very well and got us thinking and analyzing it more in depth. I really enjoyed my discussion.

-Fatma is wonderful! Very helpful and entertaining! I would love to have her again!

-She knows the material well, I feel she would be a great professor.

-The TA has good teaching skills; facilitates note taking , is approachable for questions.

-She is nice and funny. Great TA.

-TA  is tough and takes her job very seriously. She is the first TA I have ever had who actually administered a pop quiz. Most TAs are just bluffing when they mention “quiz.”

-Fatma is a great TA; very organized and knowledgeable.

-She is a wonderful person, with obvious love/passion for what she does.

-Great! Didn’t waste our time w/ useless assignments…good discussions.